Ashley Willcott

Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist,
Top Legal Analyst, Consultant, Juvenile Court Judge & Trial Attorney


“Your leadership as our state child advocate and your willingness to carry the bold message concerning the needs of our children; and your tireless efforts to  protect them has been genuine, passionate and successful! – Casa”

“You are an inspiration.  Thanks for all you to have done, and you should be profoundly proud of the effort and results. It has been a pleasure to be part of your team. – PR Firm Partner”

“You should be very proud of your tenure as Child Advocate. You have performed with the honor and diligence that had characterized your former practice and I am sure it will continue in your future endeavors. – Superior Court Judge”

“You have credentialed all of us. You always had our proxy. You policed us with fairness. You rolled out statewide initiatives that had been only thought about. Kids are safer. – Private Provider”

“I have so enjoyed your positive attitude and fierce intelligent approach to the data and problems. Thank you so much for all you have done.  Very, very good wishes in the next phase. – Commissioner, Department of Public Health”

“Congratulations for your success at the OCA. You are such a great leader and you have helped so many of Georgia’s children. Thank you for your selfless service. – Private Attorney”

“I always reflect on your amazing talent and drive when you are in the courtroom! You tell it like it is, make us think about what we were doing, and NEVER faltered when it came to defending us. – DFCS Employee”

“I have so enjoyed your positive attitude and fierce intelligent approach to the data and problems. – DPH, Commissioner”

“….balancing accountability and support perfectly. – DFCS Employee”

“Ashley: You are an inspiration. – PR Firm”

“I’ve known you for more than 20 years and experienced first hand your dedication, passion, compassion, professionalism and legal skills I felt inspired and proud for our children, our system, and our state. – Attorney”

“I keep hearing great things about your work, integrity and commitment to the welfare of children. You have such an excellent reputation. – Superior Court Judge, Georgia”

“Ashley Willcott was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what we needed to know. She was great and led that classroom.”

“She was absolutely amazing. She had a lot of knowledge and was able to answer questions to give a better understanding.”

“Ashley was AMAZING! She taught with so much knowledge, was well spoken, had a great
sense of humor, and was respectful of others. LOVE HER!”

“Extremely respectful of the students opinions and questions in the classroom. This really made
a big impression on me!!”

“There is not one thing I would change!!!! Wonderful instructor!!!!”

“…The experience of having Ashley Willcott who is a certified child welfare law specialist was
priceless. I personally feel that she should be brought in to help teach all future courses.”

“She did an excellent job cross examining and preparing case managers for what they will
actually face in a legal setting.”

Ashley Willcott Child Law Specialist

Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist

Top Legal Analyst, Consultant, Juvenile Court Judge & Trial Attorney

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