Ashley Willcott

Judge, Legal Commentator

Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist,
Top Legal Analyst, Consultant, Juvenile Court Judge & Trial Attorney


1. Ashley Willcott is the Project Lead for the Supreme Court of Georgia Cold Case Project (CCP). The Cold Case Project (a quality assurance program of experienced attorneys reviewing children’s cases with long stays in foster care) began anew on July 1, 2016, with a new list of children’s cases to be reviewed, also publishing an annual report of 2015 work and presented at the National Association of Council for Children conference in August which was live streamed and can be viewed here: Click to watch video.

2. Trial Attorney, Juvenile Court Judge Pro Tem, and former Child Advocate of the State of Georgia. Ashley Willcott has specialized expertise in the system of law enforcement, including the involvement of police, lawyers, courts, and corrections, used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. This includes a practical working knowledge of litigation; federal and state laws; policies; legislation; constitutional rights; systemic needs including successes and failures; statistical analysis; juvenile justice; practical implications; and the judicial system. In her current capacity, Willcott speaks both locally and nationally and serves as a guest lecturer at both Georgia State University and Emory Law School.

Dissecting a Child Welfare Case – Part 1
Dissecting a Child Welfare Case – Part 2
Overview of the Revised Georgia Juvenile Code

3. Willcott understands the issues facing those involved in the child welfare system, including foster parents. Listen to her insights as guest speaker at the Adoption and Foster Parent Association of Georgia (AFPAG) 2016 Conference.

Justice4Children-AFPAG 2016 Conference

4. On Sept 30th, 2014, Sex trafficking is an increasingly critical issue, and continues to be the world’s fastest growing crime. In addition to many new requirements to combat sex trafficking, this bill significantly changes our child welfare law. It includes new mandates for government regarding “runaways”, newly mandated “normalcy” provisions, restrictions on the use of APPLA for children under 16 and new rights for children in foster care. Willcott was invited to the White House to participate in implementation, planning and policies.

Sex trafficking is a wildly popular topic. It is rampant in Georgia, as well as nationwide and globally. Willcott consults on the laws, policies and practices surrounding this epidemic.

5. Ashley Willcott is a featured lecturer for the Emory School of Law Barton Child Law and Policy Center as well as for the Supreme Court of Georgia, Administrative Office of the Courts.

Watch Video – NACC Cold Case Presentation
Watch Video – AFPAG 2016 Conference

Ashley Willcott Child Law Specialist

Judge, Legal Commentator

Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist,
Top Legal Analyst, Consultant, Juvenile Court Judge & Trial Attorney

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